keskiviikko 11. helmikuuta 2015

The Kiss (Dean)

I was in my car, on the way to check out Dean's and Sam's new house. It was kinda hard to see where I was driving, because it was raining so hard. I didn't have any idea where the house was, but Dean texted me the adress.
After sitting 30 minutes in the car, I finally saw the impala parked in front of a big blue house. I parked my car next to the impala. I got out of the car and went to knock on the door. A few seconds after I knocked, Sam opened the door.
''Oh, (Y/N)! You're here already'' he said standing at the front door of their house.
''Yeah I'm a little early, hope you don't mind! Umm.. where's Dean?'' I asked quietly
Sam smiled a little, just as he knew that I had a huge crush on Dean. ''He's taking a nap, but I'm just gonna go and wake him up''
''Yeah... but aren't you gonna invite me in?'' I said with this annoyed smile on my face. I was as wet as someone who just came out of the shower.
''Oh yeah sorry, come in. You can borrow Dean's clothes if you want'' he said and closed the door.
"You can go upstairs, second door on the right, there should be a few shirts and a pair of Dean's sweatpants. Dean is sleeping on the couch, I'm gonna wake him up''
I went upstairs and opened the second door on the right. I saw grey sweatpants and two t-shirts lying on the floor. I took my shirt, pants and my bra off. Slowly I picked up a white t-shirt and put it on. It was huge. But I liked it, it smelled like Dean. I put on the sweatpants too. I went back downstairs and saw Dean sitting on the couch alone. I didn't even think where Sam went, all I could think of was how cute Dean looked with his messy brown hair.
''Hi'' I said smiling.
''Oh hi (Y/N). What's up?'' said Dean with a big smile on his face. I could totally tell that he was checking me out while he said what's up.
''Sam said that I could borrow some of your clothes, so I hope that's okay'' I said quietly standing next to the brown couch.
"Why wouldn't that be okay? You look hella cute" he said with the biggest smile ever.
I smiled at the floor and walked slowly towards the couch. I sat down right next to Dean.
There was an awkward silence in the room. All I could hear was the raindrops hitting the roof.
"So.. You want coffee or something? I'm gonna grab a beer" Dean said and stood up. He walked to the kitchen which was right behind the couch. I stood up too, and followed Dean to the kitchen.
Dean took a beer from the fridge. "So did you want something? I can make coffee or tea if you want" he said while opening the beer. In my mind I said "Yes Dean, I want you!", but all that came out of my mouth was "No thanks"
Dean took the first sip out of the bottle. Damn he was hot leaning to the kitchen table. I was undressing him in my mind.
Then Dean walked up to me and said, "You look cute (Y/N), really cute".
He was standing so close to me. I smiled at the floor again and then looked into Dean's eyes and said, "Thanks".
We were staring into each others eyes. The moment was very steamy. I just love the way he looks deep into my eyes with his cute green eyes.
And then. Finally, the moment I've been waiting for forever. Dean leans to kiss me. Right at the moment, when those soft lips touched my lips, my heart literally stopped for a second.
The kiss was over. It felt like forever and I loved it. Neither of us didn't have time to say a word, because Sam walked in from the front door saying "Hey guys! Dean did you give (Y/N) a housetour?"
Dean and I both looked at Sam. He walked to the kitchen and started unpacking a plasticbag full of groceries. I finally got something out of my mouth and said "Yeah he did. He gave me a housetour. This is a really nice place"
A few words came out of Dean's mouth too, "I know right!"
I smiled at Dean.
I checked my phone for the time. It was 9:17 pm.
"I should probably head back home, it's getting late" I walked to the front door. Before I opened it, I turned and said "Bye then", while looking into Dean's eyes.
"Bye (Y/N)!" I heard Sam saying. Dean didn't say anything. He just stared right into my eyes with an adorable smile on his face.
I opened the door and walked out. I realised, I was still wearing Dean's clothes. I didn't really care. I opened the car door and sat on the drivers seat. I was biting my lip and smiling.
I was the happiest girl in the world.
On my way back home, all I could think of was the kiss.